Buyers, beware of states with a high number of muni bankruptcies

While municipal bankruptcies are rare, they're far more common in some states.

Terminal diagnosis affects Social Security timing

Shortened life expectancy puts the focus on future survivor benefits.

Trump tariffs have wiped out most families’ tax-cut gains

If the president imposes levies on imports from China and Mexico, middle-earning households could end up paying almost $4,000 more.

Investors deserting junk bonds as trade tensions sour mood

Retail funds saw $3.2 billion in outflows in latest week, which was the biggest withdrawal since December.

Trade-war gloom means revamping stock calls

Strategists are switching to more granular forecasts about what trade tensions will mean for specific stocks.

Global yield curves blare alarms about economic outlook

Long-term yields are heading below short-term yields, sending a recession warning.

5 hacks to win elite status at hotels and airlines

Travelers can boost their status by taking advantage of unique partnerships among airlines, hotels and credit cards.

How to replicate a stretch IRA

Stretch IRAs may be going away, but their spirit lives on in other tax-planning strategies.

How ETF investors are playing trade tensions

They're exiting funds that focus on Chinese tech companies and shorting the S&P 500.

Future retirees often overestimate Social Security benefits

Fewer than one in 10 older adults can identify all four of the factors that determine how much a person can receive in benefits.

New tax rules raise the cost for most kids, but not all

Instead of taxing a child's income as if it were the parents', a child's income is now taxed using the trust tax brackets.

Biggest muni junk-bond fund loads up on Puerto Rico debt

Nuveen’s buying has occurred amid a rally in the debt of the bankrupt U.S. territory.

Left for dead, bitcoin went on a tear

The cryptocurrency's 50% rally has reawakened the animal spirits that dominated its surge in 2017.

New bill links 401(k) matches to student loan payments

Measure would allow companies to make contributions to retirement plans for employees paying down college debt.

Hints about Social Security COLA and Medicare premiums in 2020

Medicare premium hikes could wipe out the cost of living adjustment for some retirees — again!

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