Social Security COLA for 2020 will be 1.6 percent

Benefits and taxable wages to increase by the smallest amount in three years

Factors to consider before taking a pension buyout

It's a challenging calculation that involves several unknown variables.

Are investors too worried about a rerun of 2008?

Analysts at JPMorgan and BlackRock say there's no reason to be so down on stocks.

A new twist on Medicare open enrollment

New rules for prescription drug plans and other changes may make it worthwhile for Medicare users to re-shop their coverage this year.

Negative yields find their way into U.S. investor portfolios

Some bond index funds have no choice but to maintain large weightings in bonds with negative yields.

Big capital-gains tax hit on the horizon for mutual fund investors

Outflows from active funds and high returns can create a bad scenario in taxable accounts.

Hunt for tax havens fuels $47 billion stampede into muni debt

Investors are warming up to the tax advantages of municipal bonds.

Three Roth conversion traps that should be avoided

Investors need to be aware of conversion rules so not to cause themselves extra headaches.

Health insurance costs hit a record at over $20,000 per year

As premiums and deductibles have increased over the last two decades, the pprtion of employees covered has slipped.

Trump impeachment threat is mission impossible for Wall Street

The effort to dethrone the president has the potential to move the prices of everything from soybeans to stocks, bonds and the U.S. dollar.

Climate change could interfere with retirement readiness

Events like wildfires and hurricanes can mean health-related or relocation costs for retirees.

Company debt has never been greener. Investors want more

Issuance of corporate bonds to finance initiatives from wind farms to battery technology have surged by 60% year-on-year.

Medicare IRMAA surcharges to be adjusted for inflation in 2020

Indexing will slow the rise in Medicare premiums for some retirees.

Warren’s wealth tax would be a pain for the IRS

But the task of assessing rich people's complex web of investments could be a boon for appraisers.

The silver lining of a casualty loss: The tax deduction

But only losses caused by events the president declares eligible for federal disaster relief are tax-deductible.

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