Stimulus bill lets Americans tap retirement money

Stimulus bill lets Americans tap retirement money

People affected by the coronavirus would be able to withdraw money from their accounts without penalties; rules on loans would also be relaxed

False bottom or the start of something big?

After plunging into a bear market, stocks posted big gains this week — but it's not clear whether those gains are sustainable

More people want to write a will, forcing lawyers to improvise

The need for social distancing has some clients signing documents in a parking lot, while others do the paperwork remotely via teleconferencing

Virus payments may take months, not weeks, to hit bank accounts

The Internal Revenue Service doesn't have a centralized, up-to-date list of every household that would allow them to send such payments quickly, former officials say

The work-from-home era is creating its own boom markets

The prospect that telecommuting may become the norm is bolstering a range of businesses

Rout in S&P 500 sinks stocks below key support level

The market's break below that Christmas Eve 2018 level suggests there's more downside to come

Upside-down world of negative rates coming for U.S. savers

The scenario has become more likely now that the Fed has slashed rates to close to zero

Americans empty nation’s grocery shelves

COVID-19 is encouraging people to stock up on food, and they're not limiting themselves to canned goods

Older ESG funds outperform newer rivals in market tumult

This year’s top performers were buoyed by big positions in health care, pharmaceuticals and technology stocks

Frantic municipal bond sell-off causes record surge in yields

Municipal junk bonds — like those backed by airlines or state tobacco settlements — have been particularly hard hit

Fears over market drop could cause some to postpone retirement

Survey of those nearing retirement shows many would opt to work longer

Market volatility leaves analysts perplexed

Figuring out where equities are heading requires knowing how the virus outbreak will play out, and nobody has a clue

Collapse in sovereign bond yields shows a world in crisis mode

The unusually large moves in Treasuries and other government bonds risk stoking alarm in other markets

Women and retirement preparedness

As International Women's Day approaches Sunday, Mary Beth Franklin takes a look at the challenges female investors continue to face related to longevity and lower lifetime earnings

Heirs of ultra-wealthy can profit when markets plunge

The stock sell-off and plunging interest rates are benefiting grantor retained annuity trusts

We want help with college loans, not 401(k)s, workers say

Two-thirds of younger employees say their companies should help them pay down their student debt, according to a recent survey

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