IRS provides expanded tax breaks for coronavirus-related distributions

The agency's guidance allows more people to withdraw funds penalty-free from their retirement savings

Social Security withholds retroactive retirement benefits

The agency is delaying lump-sum payouts of back benefits amid the pandemic

Coming soon: $100 slices of commercial real estate

Properties that will be available initially include a Milwaukee transport hub, a parking garage in Portland, Maine, and an office building in New York City

Outlook for the economy remains cloudy

Massive stimulus efforts may not be enough to overcome the challenges posed by high unemployment, damage to small businesses

New rules for road warriors

The new normal for the travel industry looks surprisingly similar to the old one

$1 trillion cash pile holds key to outlook for equities

Investors are starting to move some assets out of the safety of money market funds. But how much of that will go to equities?

Donations to charity rose last year

Americans gave nearly $450 billion in 2019, with 69% of that coming from individuals

Social Security underpays more than 15,000 survivors

An audit shows many retired widows and widowers are due higher survivor benefits

Stocks-only-go-up strategy falls into ditch

Thursday's plunge erased almost $2 trillion from the value of US equities, with the S&P down almost 6%

Planning a vacation? Don’t bank on travel insurance

Travelers may be wary about booking trips in the wake of a pandemic, but insurance coverage comes with caveats

Impact investing rides waves of social unrest

Investors are happy with both the investments' performance and their impact, according to a recent study

More companies may cut 401(k) matches

As of late April, 12% of companies had suspended their matching contributions and another 23% said they might halt them, according to a survey

Medicare enrollment goes online during pandemic

Losing your job is a reason to appeal a Medicare surcharge, but skipping a required minimum distribution is not

Wealthy clients holding too much cash, Citi says

With fixed income no longer a natural hedge for equities, achieving diversification now includes greater long-term exposure to small and midsize companies

May was a good month for mid-cap stocks

Midsize companies have rallied 31% since the stock market hit bottom in March

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