Social Security rules for nonworking spouses

Workers must claim their own benefits to trigger spousal benefits for a mate.

Countdown to catastrophe? A recession signal and the stock market

The inverted Treasury yield curve signals a recession is coming, but the timing is unclear.

The U.S. may be headed for a recession, but municipal bonds should do fine

Tax-exempt securities tend to hold up well even when the economy doesn't.

How the richest family on the planet invests

While the Walton family's wealth is still anchored by Walmart, the younger generation has an entrepreneurial bent.

$30 billion exodus in hedge funds for the masses

Money pools offering hedge-fund strategies seeing flight of capital after supposedly liquid funds hit trouble in Europe.

Recession indicator pushed to highest alert since 2007

The move follows reports that China is responding to Trump's threat of more tariffs.

Employer assistance with student loan debt huge lure for millennials

About 8% of U.S. employers offered staffers help with student loan payments in 2019, more than double the 2015 level.

Could Google get into fund management?

With so much data, the search giant could theoretically run a successful hedge fund.

Asset bubbles to zombie companies: The dark side of rate cuts

Central banks' embrace of lower interest rates could pump up asset prices or stoke demand for riskier assets that offer higher yields

Crypto tax avoiders face IRS roulette: Confess, or try to hide

What should taxpayers do if they get an IRS letter warning that they may owe taxes on their holdings of bitcoin or other digital currencies?

Women pay more in banking fees than men, research finds

A look at more than 500,000 users of a banking app shows women pay 18% more in banking fees and almost 30% more in overdraft fees.

Don’t be unnerved by estimates of retirement health-care costs

Breaking up the numbers can replace the panic with planning.

Luxury travel for less

Expert tips for saving money while taking your next trip up a notch.

Social Security has special rules for divorce

Ex-spouses have more claiming options than married couples.

Divorce destroys finances of older Americans

Even the very wealthy can find divorcing late in life financially draining, emotionally harrowing — and messy.

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