Fidelity warns boomers to ease up on stocks

More than a third had crossed Fidelity's 70% threshold for those 10 years from retirement.

Why more seniors are working longer

Improved health, along with changes in job characteristics and Social Security rules, are driving the graying workforce.

Elizabeth Warren health care plan sparks outcry over 401(k) tax hike

The plan would impose a 0.1% tax on financial transactions, which could affect 401(k) and pension plans, HSAs and 529 plans.

There’s a dark side to zero-cost ETFs

Funds that eliminate management fees have to figure out how to pay for such expenses as record keeping and licensing an index.

Making the most of Medicare open enrollment

Retirees can save money by reviewing new Medicare Advantage and drug plan options for next year.

IRS raises 2020 401(k) contribution limit to $19,500

The limit on contributions to IRAs is unchanged at $6,000.

Airline credit cards are getting a makeover

Card companies are making an aggressive bid to attract new cardholders, retain existing ones and cement loyalty among their fans.

Will Warren crush stocks? Did Trump or Obama?

Warnings about presidential candidates' impact on the stock market often fail to pan out.

Lower bond yields push investors toward dividends

But experts warn that increasing allocations to stocks can be risky, even if those stocks pay dividends.

Water funds benefit from rising drought risk

Water-related ETFs took in more money in the first nine months of this year than in any full year since 2007.

In wake of WeWork, investors focus on profits rather than growth

As earnings season proceeds, companies that post profits are being rewarded, and those that don't suffer.

A Social Security workaround for some divorced spouses

Claiming benefits on an ex can speed collection of benefits on a new spouse.

Million-dollar homes are shrinking

And they're shrinking fastest in Nashville.

After hemorrhaging $100 billion, Europe stages a comeback

Assets are getting a boost from progress on Brexit and on U.S.-China trade talks.

The most misunderstood Roth conversion tax rule

Qualified distributions are the holy grail for Roth IRAs, but there is confusion around the time requirements.

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