Bill would allow tax-free 401(k), IRA withdrawals to buy long-term care insurance

The measure could boost the pool of Americans seeking private insurance.

Citi tells rich clients to stop being so nervous about stocks

A new report from its private bank rejects the idea that a recession is imminent.

Small caps may turn mighty

The stocks of smaller companies could be set for a run higher into year-end, Wall Street strategists say.

IRS says 2017 estate tax benefit will apply beyond 2026

Those who make large gifts while the exemption is in place will not see the benefit disappear if they die after the overhaul expires.

Timing is crucial for Social Security earnings test

Higher limits apply in the year a worker reaches full retirement age.

Genius travel hacks to improve your holiday trips

Here are tips for handling any holiday travel stress.

Impeachment is just noise to markets inured to Trump drama

Stocks have barely moved in response to the hearings, and equity volatility is stuck near two-year lows.

Trump tax cut sets off boom in taxable munis

Once sleepy corner of municipal bond market has seen issuance double this year.

World’s rich seeking old-fashioned security

Safe-deposit boxes are seeing renewed interest, in part as a way to avoid bank deposits that pay negative interest.

Ham prices are soaring ahead of the holidays

The second fiddle at many Thanksgiving dinners is becoming more expensive.

New annuity designed to deal with parents’ financial woes

MassMutual has a new annuity aimed at customers who fear they'll have to help cash-strapped parents in later life.

Fidelity warns boomers to ease up on stocks

More than a third had crossed Fidelity's 70% threshold for those 10 years from retirement.

Why more seniors are working longer

Improved health, along with changes in job characteristics and Social Security rules, are driving the graying workforce.

How tax reform shrank charitable donations

There are still strategies people can use to maximize tax benefits for their donations.

Elizabeth Warren health care plan sparks outcry over 401(k) tax hike

The plan would impose a 0.1% tax on financial transactions, which could affect 401(k) and pension plans, HSAs and 529 plans.

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