Social Security phone scams on the rise

Social Security phone scams on the rise

Such frauds are a particular concern during tax season, because having someone's Social Security numbers lets hackers steal that person's tax refundds fraudulently.

Why now is the time to sell the family business

Unload the firm before the economy or politics take a turn.

Tax cheats cost other U.S. taxpayers

The average U.S. household pays an annual surtax of more than $3,000 to subsidize those who aren’t paying all they owe, according to a new report.

Investors conquered fees. Next up: Their own behavior

Investing costs have gone down, but investors still trip themselves by sitting on cash too long, chasing investment fads or panic-selling.

It’s do-over season for Medicare Advantage plans

Members can switch health and drug plans during the annual open enrollment, which runs through March.

The stretch IRA is dead

The top 5 questions about what the new SECURE Act rules will mean for stretch IRAs.

Bond ETFs come of age

Fixed-income exchange-traded funds saw $150 billion in inflows in 2019, as their low cost and ease of use gain them converts.

Florida leads U.S. in the migration of money

Florida racked up a net gain of $16 billion in adjusted gross income from people moving to the Sunshine State in 2018,

No room for bad news in current stock valuations

The $2.7 trillion rally in Q4 has left share prices vulnerable to geopolitical tensions.

A $50 billion letdown: How themed funds lost momentum in 2019

Assets in exchange-traded funds that focus on specific industries, like robotics or cannabis, barely grew last year.

What’s new for Social Security in 2020?

The changes include higher payroll taxes, larger benefits and a promise of improved customer service.

How travel will change in 2020

From high-tech spas to smaller cruises and zero-footprint trips, here are the trends coming next year.

What proposals to tax more wages could mean for Social Security benefits

One way to improve the solvency of the Social Security system would be to boost the amount of earnings subject to the payroll tax.

Investors had a very good year in 2019

Markets are days away from booking the best asset returns in a decade.

Stocks face 50% odds of correction next year, Vanguard’s Davis says

The markets are pricing in U.S. economic growth of close to 3% next year, and that may not pan out.

House votes to repeal SALT cap

But residents of high-tax states shouldn't get excited because the measure is dead on arrival in the Senate.

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