New bill links 401(k) matches to student loan payments

Measure would allow companies to make contributions to retirement plans for employees paying down college debt.

Hints about Social Security COLA and Medicare premiums in 2020

Medicare premium hikes could wipe out the cost of living adjustment for some retirees — again!

Stock rally at risk in worst-case China trade war scenarios

As the U.S. and China head toward a showdown on trade, here are some guesses as to how that could play out in the markets.

Widows, widowers and Social Security

Surviving spouses have more claiming options than other types of Social Security beneficiaries, but timing is crucial.

Apps target customers’ forgotten monthly expenses

Wall Street firms are offering applications that can help people identify recurring fees and, in some cases, assist in cancelling them.

Munis are off to best start since 2014

State and local government debt securities have been bolstered by low supply and seemingly unbounded demand.

Startup offers financing for employee stock purchase plans

Such plans, which enroll only about a third of eligible workers, offer the 'purest form' of arbitrage, according to startup's founder.

Individual stock blowups roll on even as market surges

While the S&P 500 Index has soared so far this year, 33 of its companies suffered single-day losses greater than 10%.

Foreign airlines are the new path to mileage awards

As U.S. airlines rejigger their frequent-flyer programs, travelers may find better deals with international carriers.

The bullish history of S&P 500 near-death experiences

When the index hits new highs after a long stretch without making any records, it tends to perform well.

Grown children may be hazardous to your wealth

Boomers continue to subsidize adult offspring at the expense of their own retirement.

Trump’s rules for opportunity zones satisfy investors’ wish lists

The rules provide a more flexible timeline for investing cash, as well as a one-year grace period to sell assets and reinvest the proceeds.

U.S. investors giving up on international stocks

Investors put $4.7 billion to work in U.S. equity funds during February and March while taking nearly $7 billion out of international funds.

The cost of putting off enrolling in a Medicare drug plan

Healthy seniors who sign up late face possible sticker shock.

Bond market hazards expose investors to $2 trillion wipeout

The huge amount of low-yielding debt and the possibility of a drop-off in liquidity could leave bond investors stuck with big losses in a sell-off.

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