Green investments rally ahead of potential ‘blue wave’ election

Targeted ETF strategies are up more than 80% so far this year as Biden's candidacy gains steam

What’s the deal with Trump’s taxes?

To pay less in taxes, sources of income matter. The president seems to have all the right sources, and plenty of losses to knock out that income

Medicare open enrollment starts Oct. 15

Retirees may be able to save money by reviewing new options for Medicare Advantage and drug plans for next year

First blank-check ETF debuts

The new fund gives investors a chance to place a bet on special purpose acquisition companies, one of the hottest areas of the stock market

Faith-based investing catches a ride on the ESG wave

Even nonreligious clients are embracing faith-based strategies, financial advisers say

Can’t-lose trades falter as inflation expectations subside

The sustained economic recovery that was going to bring a demand boom followed by a new age of rising prices is no longer a sure thing

Why Joe Biden’s 401(k) plan could spur Roth contributions

The Democratic presidential nominee would convert retirement savings tax deferrals to tax credits

Investors flee junk ETFs

High-yield bonds have erased their gains for the year

Biden tax proposals mean bigger bills for millionaires

The Democratic presidential candidate's plans would have little effect on the taxes paid by those earning less than $400,000 a year

How COVID-19 made flying business class feel like economy

Efforts to reduce the risk of infection are taking the shine off the most expensive seats on commercial aircraft

Ultra-wealthy are loading up on cash

Millionaire investors have boosted cash to 19% of their total assets, up from 12% prior to pandemic, group says

Vanguard revamps money funds, lowering costs

The $125 billion Prime Fund will be renamed Cash Reserves Federal Money Market Fund

Fidelity family’s vast wealth is matched by passion for privacy

The Johnsons' empire extends from the Boston Seaport to London, Tokyo and West Texas in businesses ranging from hospitals to fiber-optic communication.

People worry about having too much cash in the bank

As rates on high-yield savings accounts fall steadily, some are tempted to raid their savings accounts to buy assets such as bitcoin, gold and stocks

Worried about losing your job during the pandemic?

If you fear layoffs may be coming, here are a number of tips on how to prepare

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