Bond market braces for another trillion-dollar fund

The money pouring into fixed-income funds suggests yields are going even lower

Retirement millionaires hit record, Fidelity says

The increase in the number of 401(k) plan participants with more than $1 million reflects both higher savings rates and the market's rally

You can own a fraction of a Warhol. But should you?

A number of businesses now allow investors to buy shares in works of art or collectibles such as classic cars and comic books

Muni bonds go wild

The rally in the market for state and local government bonds has gotten an additional boost as the coronavirus triggered a flight to haven assets

Final days of file-and-suspend claiming strategy

A lump sum-payout from Social Security is still an option for those who filed by the April 2016 deadline

What it takes to be in the 1% around the world

From country to country, the composition of the 1% who earn the most varies widely, from prosperous professionals to billionaires who have more wealth than many nations

Richest in U.S. to cut back on stock buying this year

The wealthiest Americans already own so much stock, their purchases are likely to be lower than in 2019.

Virus fears trigger record losing streaks

Markets ranging from shipping and airlines to copper and other commodities are taking a beating as China's economy buckles under the coronavirus threat.

Americans to inherit $764 billion this year, mostly tax-free

But that could change under a new proposal that would scrap the current system, which taxes estates, and instead require heirs to pay income tax on the money they receive.

Planning for a 21st century retirement

Working longer and delaying Social Security can significantly boost retirees' income.

No fun: Vacation-home sale can raise Medicare premiums

A one-time hike in income triggers a temporary high-income surcharge.

Are amateur investors taking too much risk?

Falling yields and new technologies that enable one-click purchases of complex financial products may be encouraging mom-and-pop investors to make some dangerous bets

This tax season might be as chaotic as last year’s

The IRS is still working on guidance for the tax changes passed in 2017, and the agency is also dealing with tax breaks that Congress enacted late last year.

‘Who buys negative debt?’ Trump asks. Americans, for starters

BlackRock, Capital Group and Vanguard — among the largest U.S. asset managers — are the top three holders of a German bund due in August 2029 that yields negative 0.30%.

No one gets rich by shunning new cars or lattes

Warnings about the dangers of a daily cup of coffee show a misunderstanding about the difference between spending and spending beyond your means.

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