The muni market may have seen its best days for 2019

Low interest rates and a jump in state and local government debt sales suggest municipal bonds will lag Treasuries for the rest of the year.

Passive equity funds surpass active in epic shift

The change signals the end of money managers' position as the guiding force in the U.S. stock market.

TIPS yields send worrying signal to Wall Street

Negative real yields on Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities combined with sinking inflation expectations show the market is pricing in a slowdown.

When to buy Medigap insurance

The rise in Medigap premiums is outpacing Social Security's cost-of-living adjustment, and the disparity is likely to get worse in 2020.

Low rates boost this estate planning strategy

A type of trust known as a GRAT allows for larger tax-free transfers when interest rates are low.

Women in two-income households face greatest retirement risk

Research finding contradicts conventional wisdom that single women face bleaker retirement prospects.

Faith-based funds attract loyal investors

It turns out negative screens aren't necessarily a drag on the funds' performance.

Wills of Jeffrey Epstein, Aretha Franklin raise questions of legitimacy

Because they were unconventional, the wills could be challenged.

Everyone’s favorite safety trade is dangerous

Quality stocks have become so crowded and expensive that they may not be much use in a downturn, quant says.

5 reasons even Roth IRA lovers should keep some funds in traditional IRAs

Traditional IRAs can be used to realize tax benefits related to medical expenses, business losses and charitable contributions

Social Security rules for nonworking spouses

Workers must claim their own benefits to trigger spousal benefits for a mate.

Countdown to catastrophe? A recession signal and the stock market

The inverted Treasury yield curve signals a recession is coming, but the timing is unclear.

The U.S. may be headed for a recession, but municipal bonds should do fine

Tax-exempt securities tend to hold up well even when the economy doesn't.

How the richest family on the planet invests

While the Walton family's wealth is still anchored by Walmart, the younger generation has an entrepreneurial bent.

$30 billion exodus in hedge funds for the masses

Money pools offering hedge-fund strategies seeing flight of capital after supposedly liquid funds hit trouble in Europe.

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