‘Quality’ stocks have changed in the last decade

These days, many of the companies that qualify are in the technology sector.

Earnings forecasts are getting worse by the week

Heading into second-quarter earnings, the majority of S&P 500 companies that revised their profit estimates have slashed them.

Airports open up to people who just want to hang out

Terminal tourists are welcome at more airports, which hope for additional revenue from parking and concessions.

Active managers putting pressure on index funds

Nearly half of all large-cap active funds are beating the benchmark this year.

How to suspend Social Security benefits

The move can boost future benefits, but beware of unintended consequences.

White House considers capital gains tax break that would benefit wealthy

The administration is working on a plan to index capital gains to inflation, and it might do so in a way that bypasses Congress.

Retirees lose $3.4 trillion by claiming Social Security too early

A new study finds suboptimal timing costs $111,000 per household.

2019’s best-performing ETFs show small is beautiful

Leveraged exchange-traded products are leading so far this year, and those investing in Russian stocks are also doing well.

Gold heading for biggest monthly gain since 2016

Its price has hit the highest level since 2013 on hopes for a Fed rate cut, geopolitical tensions and slower global growth.

Target-date fund design may be wrong for retirees

Researchers suggest the funds don't adequately hedge against sequence-of-returns risk in retirement.

Charitable donations fall as result of tax law changes

Giving by corporations, foundations and individuals declined an estimated 1.7% last year.

Wealthy families are adding forests to their portfolios

A group at Bank of America manages $13.6 billion for individuals and institutions looking for timberland, farms, ranches, energy interests or real estate.

States lose fight against SALT deduction cap

New Treasury regulations dealt a final blow to states' workarounds to the federal limit on deducting state and local taxes.

Buyers, beware of states with a high number of muni bankruptcies

While municipal bankruptcies are rare, they're far more common in some states.

Federal Reserve will likely cut interest rates this year, but don’t get too excited

A survey shows economists expect just one quarter-point move in December.

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